Companies have to face labor, tax and accounting obligations, which the company cannot always take over or prefer to commission it to specialized experts. For this reason we offer a business consultancy service through two possibilities: the outsourcing of the service or as complementary advisors to those responsible for the labor, tax and accounting obligations in the company.

In summary, in the area of consultancy, we propose different systems:

  • Outsourcing of labor management: monthly payment according to the tasks assigned.
  • Outsourcing of the accounting management.
  • Outsourcing of both, labor and accounting.
  • As external advisors.

In all systems the advice adapts to the specific needs of the company, providing a service tailored to it.

For foreign companies that want to settle in Spain we also have a business consultancy service that covers all the labor, tax and accounting aspects that apply to it. Whether you intend to settle by permanent establishment, subsidiary or otherwise, our firm will advise you on everything you have to take into account and provide you with a business consultancy system according to your needs.


  • Human resource consultancy and Management service.
  • Contracts, payrolls, and social security.
  • Salary cost reports.
  • Dismissal and labor force adjustment plans.
  • Claims for payment.
  • Settlements before the SMAC (Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration Service).
  • Labor inspections.


  • Corporate accounting advice and Management service.
  • Mechanising accounting information.
  • Real-time accounting.
  • Filing financial statements with the Company Registry Office.
  • Preparing and legalising official company accounts.
  • Tax planning.
  • Advising in acquisitions of companies.
  • Tax audit:

– Tax risks.
– Tax costs.
– Restructuring operations.
– Accounting records of tax obligations, assets, liabilities, income and expenses.

  • Economic and financial analysis:

Analytical analysis of the economic and financial situation of the company to:

1.- Evaluate the situation in which the company is located and control of importante economic variables.

2.- Help with company decision-making.